Waking Up

She makes me laugh. Her hair is growing and starting to fill in, which leaves her a bit of a fuzz-head. Its cute and I totally love it. What makes me smile even bigger is when she wakes up from her naps with bedhead. I tried to capture it in the photo, but I think it was funnier in real life. What was even better is that she still had carrots on the corners of her mouth from lunch. She was saving them for later I think.
This look on her face has been a frequent one lately, too. I don't even know how to describe it. But she almost always follows it with a smirky grin or something to that effect. Its crazy she'll be 9 months this week. I was thinking today about how much fun it is being her mom, and getting to watch her every move and be in awe over her constant development. I never knew it would be this way, so wonderful being a mom. I wouldn't change a thing! (And I have the best husband who is also an AWESOME dad. Jordan does so well with Liliane.)

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