Sunday Walks

Taking Sunday walks will be a tried and true family tradition for this Gray family. Yesterday we went on a little picnic-outing at Big Springs park with is just bit past South Fork in Provo Canyon. Its a fairly new park, and it was my first time being there. It was great! I totally love being with my two favorite people. (I promise Jordan had more fun that it looks like in the picture above. He's so tricky to get pictures of him smiling. Silly boy.)

We walked for a while on the dirt trail that goes to Big Springs camp. Liliane thought it was so neat to be on top of the world (aka Dad's shoulders). Can you see her fuzz-head. She's too cute.


  1. She is adorable! I love her hair :)

  2. I love that picture of her on Jordan's shoulders! Sooo cute!

  3. love the fuzz head. haha so cute. Looks like a baby Chick!
    I got a pool like your's from Target for $5.00, can't wait to use it.

  4. That picture of Lily on Jordan's shoulders is so adorable!! You'll have to scrapbook that one for sure. You probably already have :) Ya, Sunday walks are definately a Gray family tradition! :)