Jordan's Back!

He's home and he's safe! His flight was SUPER delayed so they (he and his dad) didn't arrive in Salt Lake until after 1 a.m. I dropped off a car for him at the airport since his flight got in so late/early (you know, the wee hours) so he was able to drive himself home. I woke up when they walked in the front door and sat up waiting for him to come downstairs. I was SO glad he was finally home. He was awake for 23 hours yesterday, so he's been taking it nice and easy today. Lily was happy to see him to. She woke up this morning and gave him lots of hugs. Jordan brought us home some surprises: he brought Liliane this really soft little stuffed puppy. His name is Buddy. And he brought home some new shorts and t-shirt for me, the right sizes and everything. He did good! I'm so glad my honey is home. Hopefully he won't be going on another trip like that anytime soon.