Demolition Derby

I had an absolute BLAST going to the demolition derby in Spanish Fork on Saturday night. It was so INTENSE! I'd never been to one before, so I was completely surprised at how much fun I had. I so wish Jordan could have gone with me! (He's still gone in Ohio.) I am so glad I went! I can't even begin to explain how fun it was to watch these cars get totally mangled. It was awesome.
This happened right in front of us. We were sitting on the 4th row, which wasn't a bad seat at all. This poor guy had his arm out the window waving to the crowd and then someone came and smashed into him sending him up on the cement guard. The guy that hit him didn't know he had taken his green stick down. He was ok though.
There was a black car that had a really high back end. Before they started this heat, I turned to my dad and told him that whoever hit this black car would probably get stuck underneath him and that is exactly what happened. The blue station wagon rear ended him and ended up underneath the black car. People were trying to knock the station wagon out from under the black car, but they ended up getting stuck too.
There were 13 of us in our little group from my family that went. I sat next to my sister-in-law, Tiffany. She'd been to a few demo derbies before so she was able to clue me in on the rules and regulations. She's great!

They did a powder-puff round where women drove the cars. Oddly enough as I was watching the round I had this strange urge to be down there in one of those cars too. Weird. I'm not normally that crazy. It must have been the environment. It does things to ya.

I got some fun pictures and some little video clips so I can show Jordan when he gets back. We'll have to go to one next year together for sure.

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  1. Looks like fun. I've been wanting to go to a Demo Derby for so long!
    It would be weird to purposely drive full speed crashing into whatever is in front of you. I can see how watching that would make you have an inner desire to try it. haha