Changing it Up

I was blond and now I am brown. BIG CHANGE! Here is a before and after courtesy of my Mac. Photo Booth is so fun! (The first photo was taken last week during the day so it is brighter than the second.)
And now I am this:
The picture quality is non-existant, but you get the idea. It looks black in the picture, but its actually a rich brown and I am totally loving it. (And for some reason, my eyes look darker in the picture than they really are too.) I think there is a little bit of me that will always love/miss my blond hair, because I was so used to it. But change is good. I can't wait to surprise Jordan when I go pick him up from the airport tomorrow! Its going to be GREAT! Hope he likes it. If he doesn't, well then...thats just going to be his problem. :)


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  2. Oops, I had to remove my comment cause it showed my password(so blond)! Anyhow, love the new doo! You look fantastico! I'm sure Jordan loved it!!:)

  3. Super cute! When I went dark like that I would walk past a mirror and have to do a double take cause i thought it was someone else :) It definatly looks great on you though.