Flaming Gorge Fun

We had such a good time while we were gone! We went to Manila, UT over the 24th (we stayed through the 28th) and did so much while we were there! It rained on Friday and Saturday, so those days were spent relaxing and visiting with my family. All of my brothers and sisters were able to come, so it was a blast to have everyone together with their own families too. 
Liliane did awesome! She is such an even-tempered baby when it comes to being outside and camping. She slept great! Even on the night that it rained all night long. 
We had fun with all the nieces and nephews. Brailyn is such a little goof-ball. She knows she's a princess. She's a hoot. 

On Tuesday morning, Jordan and I took a little side trip over to some rock faces just off highway 44. We had fun climbing for a few hours that morning. 
We took 4 canoes with us so we could have a few swamp wars. This was at Brownie Lake, about 45 minutes from Manila.  
Some of the family took some time and went shooting. 
Here is the master that basically orchestrated the whole thing, and took care of the food, with the help of her husband. Everyone pitched in with the cooking, but her (Candi) and Mike got it all there. 
 While Jordan and I were setting up our tent on Friday, Jordan took his shoes off to change into flip flops. Liliane crawled out of the tent so she could examine his shoes. They look HUGE next to our little small fry. Jordan wearing a size 13 might have something to do with that... 

Overall we had a lovely little vacation. I love my family! They are so much fun and I am glad we got to go and enjoy their company for a few days. Thanks, Candi (and everyone else who put it all together). It was GREAT!