Milestones Aren't Just for Babies

Last night was kind of a big deal for Jordan and me. For the first time, we let Liliane cry herself to sleep. I am happy to report that we all survived. Liliane only cried for 8 minutes (yes, I was watching the clock to make sure she wasn't crying for too long). And what's even better is that she wasn't screaming. If you know Lily, she really doesn't cry unless she needs something; either she's hungry, needs to be changed, or is tired. She fusses every once in a while, but usually its because she wants to be picked up. It's always been totally manageable though.

Jordan was so sweet. He was sitting listening to the monitor, and he says to me, "Its all I can do to not go in there and rescue her." But he stayed put and let her work it out. I am so glad it only took her those few 8 minutes. But I have to prepare myself to be consistent, because that is what she needs. Some nights it might take longer, but its all part of the game.


  1. Hey! Let's take some family name the day and I'm there.

  2. I can't believe you remembered my birthday. good job! I'm so bad at that.

  3. it's always sad to hear them cry. I was sad when Tula first cried herself to sleep, although it was only about the same short time.