Mouse Hunt

So what I have to say is kinda gross. Its all about mice in my living room. See, there is a big ravine right next to where we living and every spring, mice like to migrate. Saturday, Jordan came home from taking his last final for this semester (YAHOO!) and he and I were sitting and talking in our living room. I saw something move out of the corner of my eye, so I looked and there was a MOUSE! scurrying across the middle of my living room floor! The nerve! I jumped up and ran upstairs while Jordan tried to get it. The darn thing ran under the couchAdd Image and we couldn't find him. So we decided we needed a cat. Five minutes after deciding that, and with the help of KSL classifieds, we went and found this little guy. His name is Midnight. 

When we got back from picking up the cat, I went downstairs to feed Liliane. And sure enough, another MOUSE comes crawling out from behind our TV. I screamed for Jordan (and scared Liliane in the process). I kept my eye on the critter until Jordan came, but the mouse disappeared under the door to a closet at the base of the stairs. So, we set some mouse traps and have since caught 6 (yeah- S I X) mice. 

This is one that tried to pull a fast one on us. He too just appeared from behind the TV (that makes two that came from there). Jordan trapped him with a bucket and I grabbed the camera to document. GROSS. We are still trying to figure out where they are coming in. We have found that their entry into our living space is through the closet, though. So now I just need Midnight to grow and take care of the mice for us. 


  1. At least they are little mice :) Tipsy brings home huge know, you saw her dirty work :) That is a very cute cat, it's a HE right? When he gets bigger (before you fix him) you should have him hook up with Tipsy :)

  2. Glad you guys got one, My mom always talks about the mice and squirrel problems because of living in the foothills. She looks cute and Jackson want to play with it!