5 Months

She's too much fun! I'm amazed that she's 5 months old tomorrow. I am so thankful for my sweet baby. The past few months having her as part of my life have been wonderful! I'm so happy to be her mom. I think a few of her trademarks to this point are:

1. Smiling (with her whole body) at anything that breathes.
2. Breathing in and out really fast when she gets excited. (She does this with her nose sometimes and it makes the funniest noise!)
3. Giving herself chapped lips because she chews on anything she can get her hands on... and if she doesn't have anything to chew on, she uses her fingers.

We love our Liliane! It won't be long before she gets into teething. We'll see how that goes...


  1. Holy cow she's growing up so fast! She sure is cute :)

  2. I just got your baby announcement yesterday.. super cute!

  3. Hi Taraleigh! I found your blog via Whitney Bonnett Taylor's blog. Your daughter is so cute!!

  4. Hey girl! how are you?! i'm doing a give a way on my blog! check it out and comment to enter!
    you're baby girl is adorable!

  5. Hey! you're the BIG winner! comment on my page with your email address and i will send you a list of all the colors and add-ons!
    thanks for commenting!