I Think We've Settled

Now that we're almost done with March, I think we're all moved in. I can't tell you how glad I am to be where we are at and to have the task of moving behind us. For some reason this move was harder than any other one I've been through. I think its because I was juggling packing, moving, a job, a baby, and a very busy husband through it all. But we got it.

On a happy note, I had my last day of work at the police department on March 20, so I can be home with Liliane. Even though I was only working 4 hours a day, I felt like I was missing so much. Now that I'm at home, I feel like my days are so much more productive now that I have those few hours back in the morning. Its definitely a plus not having to leave the house so early to get Lily to my mom's or my sister's and then skipping off to work (I don't think I ever really "skipped" though).

Lots has happened in the past month. Here are a few of the highlights.

Liliane had her first serving of solid foods. The doctor told us at her 4 month appointment that she's a little small. Hopefully introducing solids will help make up for her petiteness. She's SO active, so it doesn't surprise me that she's only in the 8% for her weight. She burns off every calorie that enters her tummy. So far she's had rice cereal, squash, peas, and today she had carrots. She seems to take to the more flavorful foods better, so I sneak in some rice cereal in those.

At the beginning of March, we decided to skip the cold air and head down to Goblin Valley with part of Jordan's family. We nearly had a tragedy: Jordan almost lost the battery to our camera while we were there, but thankfully he was able to retrieve it. We packed a picnic lunch and made a day of it. Lily did so well on her first little mini-roadtrip. I was so glad!

Lily went on her first plane ride to Denver. Her and I, along with two of my sisters, went to visit my sister Candi, who lives in WY. We flew to Denver and then drove the rest of the way there. She did awesome on both flights. She was such a trooper!

And finally, last weekend Liliane and I went and watched Jordan climb some walls at Rock Canyon. He is a MONKEY! He climbed this face SO fast! I had fun snapping pictures from below. That boy can CLIMB!


  1. Wow! A lot has happened... I miss you! Liliane is so cute :)

  2. I can't beleive how Liliane has changed!! She looks a lot like you, Taraleigh. We need to come see her, and you guys!! I'm glad you're all settled and moved in. Ya moving is no fun. And I'm glad you get to stay home with Liliane everyday now! How nice! I didn't know you stopped working. Well, tell everyone hi. I think we'll see you guys on Easter!

  3. When did you fly out to see Candi?! I didn't know you left! Which sisters went with ya?!

  4. Taraleigh. you are the bestest, and lilly is so CUTE!