A few Q's & A's

K. For the next few days I am going to be answering a few questions on my blog to see if I can win free tuition for this online class I'd love to take. Its taught by Jessica Sprague, and its all about photo editing using Photoshop. She's got a great website here so go and take a gander. Here we go:

Q: What is one of your very FAVORITE photos of a person that you’ve ever taken?

A: My favorite picture of the moment is one I took of my husband and daughter. I came home from work in the early afternoon and my husband was tending our little 3 month old baby while I was away. I walked into the living room to find both of them asleep in the rocking chair, both still in their pajamas. They looked so adorable and so peaceful that I had to snap a shot. This picture reminds me of how precious a father/daughter bond is. I love it!

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  1. OH MY! she's so tiny, What a cutie. I look at my little Amelia and can't believe how much she's grown! It crazy how time flies! shes already 9 months!