It's Time to Learn

Jordan is the best! This past week I was telling him about how I'd like to get Photoshop Elements so I can do some cool tricks with my scrapbooking. When I went to the bookstore to return a book for him,. I checked the price on the software. When I told him how much it was, he said to go ahead and get it! I was so excited! I brought it home and loaded in right away onto my Mac. I have a lot to learn about everything you can do with the program, but I way excited to do it. Thanks so much, babe! 


  1. That's cool, sounds like fun! What can you do with it?

  2. Hey Taraleigh that's awesome! I don't know a lot about elements, but the digital scrapbooking forum that I'm apart of has a lot of resources and people to help if you need it.