Girl's Night In

Since Jordan is working later than usual tonight, Lily and I are enjoying a cozy evening at home, complete with hot cocoa, warm blankets and thick wool socks. Can you believe the weather we're getting around these parts?? There is so much snow! If only it snowed this much when I was little... I don't remember getting this much snow so fast. Its fun to look at, but not so fun to drive in.


  1. Hey Taraliegh, isnt being a mom so fun, ... that still sounds weird that I am a mom becaues I still feel so young, but anywho I have a problem i've tried to find a way to contact Heidi but i never could then she posted on my blog, but still i cant seem to find a way to contact her! Am i dont this bloging thing wrong or something?

  2. Tawny :) You can e-mail me