It's been a few weeks since I posted last so I'm going to play catch-up. Lots has happened, including my little brother, Tynan, getting married, Liliane's baby blessing, lots of family time with the holidays, etc.

We blessed Liliane on December 19. My whole family was in town for my brother's wedding so we decided to do it then so everyone could be there. Lily wasn't quite ready for this picture... :) My brother and his wife blessed their little boy, Malaki, at the same time. These two little babies are 6 days apart. Its been so much fun watching them grow!
There are four generations in this picture. I'm so glad my grandma Peahl was able to be there! The blanket sitting on my mom's lap is one my grandma made for Liliane's blessing. It is a beautiful blanket!

My brother's wedding was the next day, December 20. We had a huge slumber party at my parents house on the night of the 19th. There were 26 people there! Talk about a full house! Half the people there were under the age of 13!!

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  1. Hey! I have your pictured burned so I will get them to you this week.