Gray Family Fall Party

We went to the annual Gray family fall party over this past weekend, so I thought I'd post a picture of the costumes I made for Jordan and me for the party. It was so much fun to make these! I have been wanting to be an egg for Halloween for a long time, but with Lily being due November 1st, I didnt know whether to plan a costume or not with her arrival being so "tentative." When Jordan's mom told me the party would be on the 11th, I figured I could make these costumes and participate in the spirit of Halloween anyway. (If you didn't already know, Jordan is supposed to be the bacon, and I am the sunnyside-up egg, the yoke is my baby bump.)

The party was a blast! We had the festive "Dinner-in-a-Pumpkin" dish that Jordan's mom only makes once a year. Jordan's sister brought Witch fingers (breadsticks with an almond for the fingernail) and Jordan's brother and his wife brought an eyeball salad (a grape salad which was way yummy!) We had a pinata for the grandkids that we all helped break open. Overall, the party was lots of fun. Its one I look forward to every year!


  1. Hilarious! I love your costumes

  2. I love the costumes! I can't believe you made them...well I guess most girls know how to sew..unlike me! Good idea on including the baby bump! I was thinking of being a pregnant girl for Halloween..haha.

  3. LOL - I love the finished product...or do I say breakfast?

  4. Taraleigh! I am not sure where this post will end up because i am just learning how to use blogs! which your blog is cute! any who i've been trying to get a hold of you for a very long time i couldnt remember your new last name and no one answeres your old phone number that i still remember, and your e-mail address never worked either! I also never had the internet untill now YAHHH. Then I had a dream last night and i saw your dad and he told me your last name! although he said the wrong one i woke up and said " humm her last name isnt vexped its gray!" and poof i remembered (dont ask where vexped came from!) anywho!!! you had a baby! she is beautiful congradulations I am so happy for you. But hey i'd love to get in contact with you and catch up a bit