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Eight TV shows I like to watch:

Just so you know, I hardly EVER watch TV, but if I did, these are my picks
1. Grey's Anatomy
2. Heroes
3. Friends (I watch the DVDs)
4. Medium
5. Saved by the Bell
6. Law and Order (only sometimes)
7. American Idol
8. Does the news count? I like to watch the weather in the winter time.

Eight things I did yesterday:

1. Went to work
2. Went to the doctor (baby's head is WAY down, so she's getting ready!)
3. Ran errands with Jordan, picked up our baby's mattress for her crib
4. Ate a Radio City sandwhich for lunch at Gandolfo's
5. Bought a new book that I can't start reading until I am finished with Breaking Dawn.
6. Did the dishes, tidied up our apartment
7. Dropped Jordan off at school
8. Made baby Lily a super cute headband.

Eight places I like to eat:

These are in no particular order, just some of my favs:
1. Chilis
2. Outback
3. Rice Wok
4. Pizza Factory
5. At home with family
6. Noodles and Company
7. Mimi's
8. Sizzler

Eight things I am looking forward to:

1. Meeting this baby that's been in my belly
2. Jordan graduating from school
3. Wearing non-prego clothes
4. Christmas time (I love getting to spend time with family)
5. My little brother's wedding (December 20th)
6. Giving Jordan his birthday gifts (October 17 is only a few days away)
7. My new neice and nephew that are due to arrive in November
8. When the clock says 4:00pm (and I get to go home from work)

Eight things I wish for

1. Eternal happiness
2. Our very own home
3. No problems during labor/delivery
4. A positive outcome from all the economic worry
5. Some skittles sound good...
6. An unlimited supply of Butterfinger icecream (guiltless and calorie free)
7. My family's wishes to be granted
8. I wish I could get over being so anxious! (I think I waste too much time worrying)

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