Baby Stuff

The sweet ladies I work with at the police department threw me a baby shower last weekend and man do I feel showered! They were so kind and generous! Lily's sure making out like a bandit with all the fun things my coworkers gave us. I'm going to feel like a little girl with her dolly playing dress up with all the pink and totally girly outfits we got.
Chris, Carla and Mindi all work in the records office with me. (Rachel, another coworker, is the one behind the camera, and Kristine and Tara, the other ladies I work with, were sitting on the other side of the room.) They are all such WONDERFUL people!
More of the guests. (I love Yolanda's face! She didn't know someone was taking a picture.)
I can't wait for bath-time so I can use the cute towels and robe they gave us. The picture doesn't show much detail, but on the left is a bath towel with a yellow giraffe and on the right is a bath robe. (The robe has a hood with little giraffe horns too. So pink, so cute!)
And to go along with the baby stuff, I had to post a picture of this bunny costume. I found it the other day and couldn't pass it up. (Plus- it was only $8.00!) Technically our baby isn't due until November 1st, but just in case she comes early and is out of my belly for Halloween, she'll get to join the festivities of the holiday sporting this soft and fluffy bunny costume.

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