Kidney Stones: Not Just For Soda Drinkers

If you ever thought soda drinkers were the only people who had to worry about kidney stones, think again. Apparently anyone can get them, even pregnant people. Sunday night was my turn to struggle with one, and let me just say it was quite uncomfortable. In fact, I'm a little bugged at the one I had because it ruined my "not throwing up once through my whole pregnancy" deal. After being to the hospital and staying there overnight, lots and lots of IV fluids, morphine to keep me from feeling pain, and monitoring up the ying-yang, I am all better. Thank goodness I have such a fabulous husband who stayed by my side the entire time. Jordan is my hero! Don't worry though, our baby is just fine, she just came along for the ride.


  1. Nightmare! I'm so sorry! My sister Tricia had the same thing happen when she was pregnant with her first. Sounds awful and yes, you do have a wonderful husband! Go Jordan!

  2. You're a trooper! Glad to hear it all turned out ok! Sorry your "no throwing up while pregnant" goal got should feel so lucky!

  3. I'm so glad you're feeling better and that everything is ok!! Too bad about throwing up, but pregnany just wouldn't be right without it