The fix...Part Two

This is the second step in our "Ikea fix." Remember how a month ago I said we got a new bed - well now I am posting the picture of the almost finished product. We got the bed put together, and we totally love it. The tables we picked up are working out well too. I just need to get something on the wall above the bed to go along with the portrait of Jordan and me. Its looking lonely and could use some sort of decorative flare on either side of it I think. So that is the next step. I suppose I have my work cut out for me with getting our room put together how we want and then getting the rest of the place re-situated to make space for our sweet Lily when she comes. It feels good to get things organized and to de-junk a bit. I am sure there will be more posts to come about our work in progress.


  1. I love the bed! and I love IKEA...I just sit and look at their catalog over and over and over and over....haha! I can't wait until we have a little more room to decorate!

  2. FUN! I don't think we every finish "updating" our homes.

    How are you?