The Edible Heaven on Earth

I've decided that Butterfinger ice cream is divine. It's the best stuff ever made in my opinion. Of course you can only have it once in a while, though, otherwise one might get tired of the chocolate and peanut-buttery concoction.  I don't plan on getting tired of it any time soon.


  1. Butterfinger ice-cream. Yum! That takes me back to highschool when I worked at diary queen. I use to eat the butterfinger blizzards all the time. I never got tired of them but I did get creative and try other concoctions. Ice-cream is my favorite dessert. I've been oinking out on fat boys lately. I like cold stone too. Ice-cream is definitely my weakness.

    Just stay away from the pickles... LOL

  2. I can't believe Candi already has six kids...I don't remember how many she had back in the day....I swear one if any. Good for them having six, big families are the best! I'm not a big ice cream lover....but one kind I can never pass up is McDonald's SOFT SERVED! yum!