Yuba Fun

Last Wednesday, Jordan and I took a mid-week excursion down to Yuba lake with his family. It was so nice to get away for a day in the middle of the work week! We had a lot of fun taking a break and going. Sadly I haven't found much time to work on my tan: as you can see, I am looking mighty pale in the picture, but I figure it's better for my skin. Who knew working Monday-Friday 8-5 would actually be better for your health? ;) 
While we were there Jordan's mom's dog, Pico, decided he'd pick a fight with one of the cows that was grazing near our little campsite. (Pico is actually supposed to be a mini-pinscher, but he probably weighs twice as much as he should. He is one (fat and) funny dog.)
I tried to capture the moment with my point-and-shoot camera, but I don't think the picture does the experience justice. Below shows the second round of the skirmish. After he started chasing the cow the first time, we were all yelling at Pico to come back and leave the cows alone. Everyone was laughing at him, and I think he took the laughing to be a sign of validation, so he took a second turn in picking a fight. Honestly Pico probably wouldn't have stood a chance if the tables turned and a cow came running after him. 


  1. C'mon...you can't tell me that you don't miss working at 7 Peaks during the summer. Just think how much fun it was:P

  2. Cherilee:
    Never again will I be so naïve. Besides- that was a long time ago. I've moved on to bigger and much better things. :)

  3. Yuba lake...I've never been. It sounds like you had a good time. That is a funny story about the dog. LOL