The Waiting Game...Continued

So we found out some more news about this house we were looking at buying. Last week we heard back from the other agent's secretary about the third party approval. She told us that the bank would only consider a conventional loan or a cash offer. (Originally we were planning on going with an FHA loan.) We told the agent that we would go conventional if the seller was willing to pay closing costs. We heard back from them again and they said that the bank wouldn't agree to those terms, so we asked for our offer to be presented with no other contingencies, meaning we would bring a conventional loan to the table and foot all origination costs. The lady that we'd been speaking with back and forth then told us that there was another cash offer in line behind our offer, and that it looks like the bank was leaning towards this cash offer. Then she said that they'd like us to be a backup offer to this new cash offer now. HOW FRUSTRATING!!!!! So to make a long story short, Jordan and I are apparently chopped liver to these silly bank guys, because all they want is cash, cash, cash!

Just so you know, Jordan and I are both totally ok with this house not working out, and at this point, it most likely will not. The most disheartening thing, though, is how we've been treated this whole time. I know that house hunting can be a real trip, but to be going through all this seems so out of the norm! I just try to busy myself with other things. I have other more uplifting things to spend my time doing, like getting ready for Lilly. I think that in the whole scheme of things, this little disappointment really won't matter. I know that when the time is right we'll find a house of our own. But for now, we are content where we are. Besides, no matter what I get to be with Jordan and he gets to be with me, so we're happy. :)

We didn't get the house; the bank took the cash offer that came in after us. But not to worry- we are totally okay with it! We know that when it's meant to be it will all work. 

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