The IKEA fix

So about 8 months ago, Jordan and I were trying to fall asleep one night, when suddenly, Jordan's side of the bed dropped a few inches. It turned out that our bed frame gave out and the box spring fell through the support bar. Since that time we've just had our bed/box spring on the floor, with every intention to either fix the old frame or get a new bed frame all together. Well that day has finally come! On Saturday we went to Ikea and got this bed:
It took a lot longer than Jordan or I expected in putting it together, but it looks so great! We picked up a few side tables too that match well, and as soon as we've got those put together I'll post the finished product: our (finally) furnished room.


  1. that's awesome taraleigh! I cant wait to see the finished product! :) And about the cleaner room thing, ofcourse it will help! The rimmers will be moving before school starts and, not to be rude, but the less stress will help! So I will be sure to keep the b-e-a-Utiful room clean! :) :) :)

  2. Yea! I love it! It so fun getting new stuff. I still haven't even seen where you two live. :-( I need to take the time to visit and see your pad.

  3. taraleigh,
    it's crazy how you do trip upon people's blogs. I'm glad I know your address...I'm going to link it to we can keep in touch. I'm excited for you and your news on the baby!