The Waiting Game

House hunting and the like is quite the process. It can be a crazy rollercoaster at times, full of excitement and disappointment, but its a process that most people get to take a stroll through a time or two in their lives. For the past few months Jordan and I have been passively looking for a home; more or less we've been keeping an eye on the market to see if anything catches our eye. Much to our surprise we found a house in Springville last week that peeked our interest, so we went with Jordan's mom, (she just got her real estate license) to take a look. In all honesty we were quite surprised to find the long list of likeable details that went with the place.

To make a long story short, we ended up making a full-price offer on this house. (We wanted to steal the deal away from any competition.) We were quite disappointed when we found out our offer was 2nd in line to a cash offer. The seller of this house then asked us if we were interested in being a back-up offer, just in case the cash offer fell through. We agreed, but had pretty much let go of any hope that the cash offer would fail. (It was a cash offer, how often do those not go through??) To our deepest surprise we got a phone call from the agent's secretary yesterday informing us that the cash offer had indeed fallen through. They also wanted to know if we wanted to proceed with our offer. We said yes to that, no question there, but the tricky part now is that our offer is subject to third-party approval. We'll know for sure about this whole deal by Friday or Monday, but wow! what a rollercoaster!

I think the most exciting part of this whole ordeal is the satisfaction of knowing we are still in the game, after all that has gone on. So- who knows! Jordan and I might soon enough be homeowners! What a step to take! I am so glad I get to take this, and all the other life steps, with my sweet husband. I will say this, this week, along with the past two, have been so incredibly busy! and I don't expect things to slow down anytime soon. We're finding out what we're having on Tuesday, an event that I have barely been able to wait for! I'll be sure to post the results of our ultra sound for all to view. Till next time...


  1. aweome! how exciting!! I knew you were looking, but hadn't heard you found something and made an offer! I hear about the rollercoaster though, yuck, that's what I hated most about finding a home! Good luck!! And let us know Tuesday when you find out about your little one :)

  2. I'm so excited for tomorrow! Woot-woot!!!