My husband: A Climber

Jordan has found a new hobby! thanks to my younger brother Talon. Recently he's taken up rock climbing and is really quite enjoying himself. He and my brother often will go climbing at the Quarry, which is a rock climbing gym near Movies 8 in Provo. Last Saturday, Jordan and Talon took an adventure up Rock Canyon and climbed a route there for a few hours. (Hmmm, how appropriate: go to Rock Canyon to go rock climbing. Clever.) While we were on our trip down in Moab, Talon and Jordan talked a lot about climbing, and when we got back, Jordan decided he'd try it out. After his first time he was pretty much sold on the sport. (He hasn't stopped telling me how much he's enjoyed it since!) I'm glad he has something to do to take his worry off of the cares of the world. We all need an escape every now and again. Maybe soon I'll write a post about what I do to escape...

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