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Sometimes I wish I had superpowers. If I did, then I could fly (that would be cool!), stop/start time, be in two places at once, the list goes on. If I had some of these superpowers then maybe I'd get to see more of the people I love.

My oldest sister, Candi, and her fabulous family were in town this past weekend for my brother's missionary "homecoming." Their trip was short, only 3 days, but it was so good to get to see her and her family. Candi and her husband, Mike, live in Cheyenne, WY. They have four boys, Porter, Kendell, Tighe, and Ammon, and a little girl, Sophia. Another little boy will be joining their family in August.

I haven't seen Candi since Jordan and I got married, and that was 16 months ago! Sophia was just a few months old at that time and now she's walking and doing it all. Its tough when family lives far away...What's silly is Cheyenne isn't even that far away, but it is distance...which distance takes time to cover...which time most of us run short on. Oh well. I was very glad to spend part of the weekend these guys.

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