All About the Gray's

I have always been so scared of blogs because they seemed so complicated, but today is the day I face the fear and start a blog for my husband, Jordan, and I. So this is where I tell a little about ourselves:
Jordan and I were married on January 12, 2007. We've been married a whole 14 months now and the time has flown by quicker than I can even say. We couldn't be happier and are loving every moment that we get to be together.

In a short seven months from now we will be adding to our little family. Jordan and I are expecting a baby due on November 1st. The past few weeks have been quite interesting as we've observed my body react to this little being growing and developing inside of me. Some of the changes have been difficult, but all will be well worth it when we get to meet this sweet baby. Though having a child is new to both of us, we are very much looking forward to this addition in our lives and are anxiously awaiting the joys that come with parenting. While we prepare for this little life to come join us in the fall, we still have to keep up with what we're up to now, which really is the trickiest part.

Currently Jordan and I are both going to school at the soon to by Utah Valley University, (it will always be UVSC to me though.) I just finished my Associate's degree in General Academics in the fall of 2007, and will probably put school on the back burner after spring semester comes to a close. Jordan is studying to earn his degree in Technology Management with an emphasis in Building Construction/Construction Management. 

Right now Jordan is working as an assistant Superintendent for Metro Builders, which is commercial construction company. The company is based out of Provo, though most of the recent jobs he's been working on have been up in Salt Lake and Davis Counties. As for me, I have been employed with the City of Orem for the past 9 months working in the records division of the police department. Its been a great job and I've been able to learn so much.

That is pretty much the Grays in a nutshell. It seems like we are busy all the time, but I am sure that we'll just get busier as time goes on. Maybe this blog will help everyone know what's happening with us even though we may not have time to tell you all about our happenings before you read them here. This blog thing should be fun. :)

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